Blog post and discussion: Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme


I asked to be upgraded to Black last year and they did without charge. Must be the black version because I get 3% cashback off Boots, isn’t it?


Yup, you’re on the ‘Curve Black’ but maybe because you were upgraded there’s a snag in the process for you. Hopefully Curve_Marie can advise.


I’m very much interested in this too. Can’t take part in beta then as I’ve maxed out on limits.


What happens to limits? Are they reset as otherwise I may not be able to spend?


Me too. I have actual curve black. However, in reality not charged the 0.65% per Apple wallet pop up pending transaction alert.


@Curve_Marie, quick question…

While the EU text for the Payment Services Directive did not include Amex, the UK integration of it most definitely did.

Therefore, charging 0.65% fee per transaction would, potentially, be flouting the UK legislation as there is no fee for other payment types.

While I agree that charging for an Amex is most likely the only way to have it work (and I will be using it for merchants who don’t accept Amex…), are you not worried about potentially being in breach of UK law by charging the fee?


Need to know about this too


Yes, you can opt out by not downloading the app :slight_smile:

From Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme Terms and Conditions: In case you would like to opt out of the Curve Amex Beta and move to the Curve App, you would need to get in touch with Please note that it will take 15 working days before Curve will be able to fully move you back to the Curve App from the Curve Beta


The limits are on a rolling 30 days for the monthly limit and 365 days for yearly and start from the date of the the first transaction. They are not connected to the calendar month or year.

For Android, please go here: Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme - android discussion

For iOS: Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme: iOS Testflight Beta Discussion

Hello @stevenhp1987,

Good question. As @diego_curve mentioned in the blog there are some extra costs associated with offering this feature, that we need to cover in order to have a sustainable proposition. That’s why there is a service charge for the top-up functionality.

If you send me a direct message with the email address you used to register with Curve, I can check whether you are a Blue (free) or Black (paid) cardholder.

My apologies for the delayed replies today, the winter cold has gotten to me :face_with_thermometer:


I saw this issue too in my iOS app. Was originally Blue but upgraded to Black a few months ago.


Have just sent you a DM


Could we please have a tracker that helps with this in the app then? :slight_smile:


When you go to your timeline, you can filter for the last month or year and find your total spend. If you have suggestions of other ways it can be displayed, please share it with us in the Feedback and Ideas categories. That way other community members can indicate which features they would like to see next by liking the thread and commenting :slight_smile:

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Hmm, not quite what I was thinking - more something along the lines of the existing spend limits tracker… Have added as requested - Amex spend limit tracker


I can see we’re in agreement on lots of points! My topups do have a big green plus next to them tho?


Hi the Beta won’t accept my Lloyds Amex tried manually as well as photo recognition :cry: (used Lloyds Mastercard for ages so all account details are similar) double checked all details asked for … any suggestions


This is what mine look like:


Interesting - mine has a + (albeit wrong card logo!)

(that’s in the Timeline view, in the main view for the card it has a big green plus next to it)


I think the + only appears on Android, not iPhone.


IApologies if answered aleady but I could not see in the T!&Cs.

What happens if I spend more than I have topped up? Does the account become ‘overdrawn’ or could the transaction be

Do I need to keep a balance?

I cannot access the terms when I email them to myself ‘This site csn’t be reached’.

Thank you.

Curve Amex Beta Tester