BLACK color metal card




I thinks as many of us that we need a beautiful metal card in BLACK color.
Red pink and blue are welcome too.
Please vote if you agree with us


Curve metal card
Which metal card colour did you choose!?
Which metal card colour did you choose!?
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Curve metal card

I think having a black metal would cause too much confusion with customers. We already have a black metal-looking card…


We also have a blue metal looking card… In my opnion the color black in cards is what makes the card feel premium in comparassion with the others. And if the color black is out of the question maybe a silver/platinum color?


Please vote if you agree with us. Thanks


Make it very dark grey if you can’t do black then


I think Black Metal are NEED! For Balck Metal Card we could added some iconic logo or sign so user are easier to spot out.

Or just keep it as same so Black Metal user could keep it low key profiles


Definitely need a black metal card


How many vote do we need?


Why not an actual metal looking card? Black is certainly a good shout