Austrian Card Complete (Visa and Mastercard) blocks Curve

Hi, any Austrians here? Couldn’t verify my Austrian Visa card issued by card complete. Fraud department says they entirely blocked Curve across their network to prevent fraud. Customers claimed they couldn’t identify Curve charges on their monthly statements and card complete had no way to investigate as they only see the merchant code and not what service or product was bought - so they decided to ban it entirely. Anyone else with this info or does it work for anyone?

Can this be looked at please?


Card Complete are correct in saying that have blocked Curve entirely. Card Complete did not inform us that they were taking this action and we only found out through our customers. We disagree with their decision and our respective Operations and Commercial teams are in contact with Card Complete, hoping to have a resolution for this very soon.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this but for the time being you won’t be able to add this card to your app.

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Thanks for the reply. I hope you can sort it out!

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As do we!

When we have any further update on the situation we will be sure to update all affected customers via our community and social media channels.

also an affected card complete customer from Austria here! I Hope you can work this out soon.

Hi fellow Austrians!

Anyone managed to add their new Erste Bank/Sparkasse Debit Mastercard into Curve App? When I attempt to do so I get an error message: Error in trying to add your card.

What is the problem there?

I’m very confused by the statement "they couldn’t identify Curve charges on their monthly statements "

Are they not all prefixed with CRV* ?

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Any updates on supporting Card Complete Cards?

I’d love to use Curve, however I can’t as long as cardcomplete cards aren’t supported…

What can Curve do if “other side” blocked them?


just tried using curve card, with having an austrian card complete card (easybank) selected as charging card, to top up revolut account - worked fine.

Doesn’t work with my card complete visa.