ATM use in Argentina

We are off to Buenos Aires in October and wonder if using my Curve Blue will save on the ATM usage charges all the Banks charge foreign cards. These are in all cases over 5% and often more.

Its not possible to buy Argentina Peso’s in the UK and the recommended approach on other forums is to take $100 bills and exchange locally. Hotels, larger purchases etc are OK on credit cards its just ATM costs.

Ta everyone.

According to other fintech community maintained info about Argentina - all ATM charge fees for foreign cards. :frowning:
Curve will not refund you those fees.

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Thanks @moon for such a quick response. Thats what I suspected but though worth asking. Suspect that I won’t use ATM’s much, but at least I will save on my bank charges as well. Now to find the best exchange rate for pre-ordered $100 bills. :slight_smile:

Can anyone remember the best ATMs fee-wise for Curve in Argentina?