Apply for closed Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme


Thank you for all your applications! It’s extremely motivating to work with people who are as passionate as you are :tada:

There were more than 1.000 applicants, so we decided to keep the form closed after the deadline. The Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme will work as a blueprint for our general Beta program. There will be plenty of chances to participate in future Beta tests :smile:


Hi Marie,

Do you know when the applicants will find out if they are on the Beta?




@nick and @Gaz_zebo:


Just checking, has anyone been informed today that they were chosen to be part of the private beta?


Hi. Finally managed to join up to this forum!

I’ve recently started to use Amex so this will be a great addition… Shame I was too late for the beta.

Looking forward to hearing more about it!


I am like refreshing my emails almost every minute whilst holding my breath to see if any Curve email arrived lols.


:joy: me too! Hope to be part of this exciting development


if accepted into the Amex beta?

I wonder if we will we be able to “go back in time” on recent purchases to move them to the Amex… Put around £150 on my Barclaycard Cashback via Curve over the last 2 weeks I would move to my Amex for those sweet membership points!


My gut feel would be “no”.

Because you’d have to “top up” a pre paid card to use the amex beta (I think), it sounds more like it’s testing the spending side of things, rather than the back end stuff.

But obviously that’s just a guess!


Also, and correct me if I’m wrong. I didn’t think you could go back in time to a card you added to Curve AFTER the original transaction.


From FAQ’s - Spending with your Curve


Good comms, Marie. :grinning:


This form is private.


Please check the timeline in the post.


Thanks. I try, will get better :smiley:

For everyone who’s excited to join the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme:

  • There are limitations to the app functionality
  • The app will occasionally crash and break
  • The experience will not be quite the same as just adding your Amex along with the rest of your funding cards
  • It’s crucial that you read the full email that’s sent out
  • Beta testing is not for the faint hearted - patience and perseverance will be required
  • Your feedback and bug reporting is essential because it will have a direct impact on the final roll-out
  • We are very excited about doing this as it will also be a blue print for a general Beta Program!



At the top of this thread you mentioned that emails would go out to the successful private beta applicants on 20th November.

Can you confirm if the successful participants have now been informed?



Hello @danielfoster.01,

Thank you for asking. The team is preparing the emails right now to smoothen the onboarding process. Our apologies for the delay. There’s no emails that has gone out just yet.


Latest update on behalf of the product team:


Use “less than” with units of time (and weight) even though in theory it’s countable. Some feedback already…