Apply for closed Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme


Please be cautiously excited. All the information you’ll need to make a decision to join will be provided. If you want to join you should also be aware that things will likely break and not go as planned, that’s why we are doing it in the first place :smiley:

The terms for the Curve Amex Closed Beta Pogramme will be for the beta itself.


@diego_curve - The Barclaycard Cashback Amex was pulled from the market over a year ago and existing customers were moved onto a Visa-only product.


All completed this morning! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m wondering what costs they can, legally, ask for to allow you to pay with an Amex.

They cannot charge a per transaction cost as it would be in violation of the EU Payment Services Directive. Similarly, if they charge a “subscription fee” that allows access to Amex it could be construed as a credit card charge and be in violation but I’m not sure this has been tested…


How long will this closed programme be for before it’s available to everyone?


Submitted and Applied whilst in Dubai​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Psd2 only applies to Visa+MC consumer cards, not commercial cards and not AmEx



The EU text did not apply to Amex, hence why the majority of countries within the EU don’t count Amex as part of it.

However, the UK decided to include Amex as part of it when enforcing the laws within the UK.

It is therefore against UK law to charge for a consumer Amex card, whether it be a (cheap to process) co-branded card such as the BA cards, or a (expensive to process) direct card such as the preferred rewards gold card.


Thanks for the info - applied.


Love the commitment :smile::muscle:


I’d love to test it with a German Amex card…


And me with a Belgian one …


I’ll do anything for you Charlie :joy::joy::joy: :muscle:t2:


I applied too and hope to be selected.


Great news that this is happening :blush:


Would love to join if it is not too late!



I would like to join if not to late either. Just joined the community :slight_smile:


I can’t access the Typeform application form.
Does that mean I am inelligible?


@steve It means you haven’t read the post correctly:


I noticed the 10:00 cut off after I posted.