Apple Pay - When?


Hopefully this hasn’t already been asked (apologies if it has)…when Apple Pay eventually goes live, will it be available to all Curve card holders or only those on a subscription?



Apple take a very small percentage (something like 0.15%) of each transaction that the customer makes. Apple doesn’t want the customer to pay for this, so I’d assume that Apple Pay would only start working on Curve on a subscription based plan… so that Curve can cover this small fee per transaction.



If that fee amount is indeed accurate then Curve only gets 0.05% for debit cards and 0.15% for credit cards. That’s not a small fee by any means!



Some more reading above, which highlights the costs… I’m not clued up on what percentage is high or not, apology for that. Seemed low for me…



Hi @bells

The whole Apple Pay et al is discussed in some depth here…
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Thanks @Graham…I have written a few posts in that thread.

You may not have noticed, but I actually posted this question before the other thread was started. Not sure why I had a feeling that’s what they would do​:thinking:although in all fairness I expected Blue to be excluded as well so at least that’s something :grin:



Apple’s fee of 0.15% was quoted by the media when Apple Pay was first launched in the United States, where interchange fees are very high. Regulation (EU) 2015/751 has limited interchange fees in the European Economic Area to 0.3% for credit cards and to 0.2% for debit cards with effect from 8 June 2015. Given that 0.15% would be unworkable for EEA card issuers, I understand that Apple monetises Apple Pay in other ways in the EEA, perhaps levying a fee per card issued.

I believe that Apple takes a dim view of card issuers charging card holders for Apple Pay, directly or indirectly, and might even prohibit it.