Apple Pay - When?


Apple requires it, it‘s probably in the contracts.



What exactly does Apple require and how is it worded in the contract?

It is implausible that Apple requires every EEA card issuer to issue cards separately in each EEA country. For example, a bank in Belgium (e.g. Fortis) can issue cards from Belgium to customers whose postal address is in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, any other neighbouring country or any other EEA country further afield. Those customers can add their cards to Apple Pay based on the card issuer being located in Belgium.



I don‘t know if they require that, but the fact here is that Apple does not allow banks to issue Apple Pay cards to customers located in a country where AP hasn‘t launched. I have experienced this several times now with N26 and bunq.

Apple got really mad at bunq after the showed the region change at one of their press conferences. It was disabled within hours and it now only checks for the shipping address used when the card was ordered.



Apple cannot detect the registered account address of the customer. I know from my own experience that it is possible to use Apple Pay on a card whose registered account address is not in a country where Apple Pay has launched.

It is far more plausible that Apple does not allow card issuers to market Apple Pay to customers in countries where Apple Pay has not yet launched.



It’s true about N26 and Apple Pay. The thing is if your first card send to a country with no Apple Pay support then even if you change the region in iPhone settings will never works! This happen to me in Greece. My N26 card it’s not possible to add it to my Apple Pay. Even if I change the region to supported countries!

But @NFH I do have a card from the UK and already use it with Apple Pay in Greece where it’s not available. I just switch to UK region add my card and works!

So probably will happen the same with Revolut, N26 and Curve card will have a country restriction to Apple Pay. So even if Curve support Apple Pay my card will not have until Greece support Apple Pay.



Of course they can‘t, but the banks knows the country the card is issued to and probably has to act accordingly.

A bank might choose not to implement this detection, but as soon as it becomes more known Apple seems to sometimes tell them to change that (case in point is bunq and N26).



As I said, it most probably comes down to where the card issuer markets its cards. If it markets them only in the country of issue, then Apple doesn’t care (like a conventional bank does), but if it markets its cards in countries where Apple Pay is not yet launched (like a fintech), then Apple will intervene and impede the free movement of services within the EU single market.



I already started to bet why will get first Apple Pay, Curve or Revolut :slight_smile:



I think it will be at the same time (Curve & Revolut). I was told about Q4 2018 by Revolut. And then Apple probably delayed it… They had some issues while launching Apple Pay on German market and I think that is the reason.



Why should Germany be the reason to hold the entire service…I highly doubt that :slight_smile:



Since Apple Pay has been launched for card issuers in Germany and Belgium, the percentage of the EU population living in countries where local card issuers support Apple Pay has suddenly jumped from 59% to a much more substantial 78%. This makes it less likely that Apple will prevent fintechs such as Curve and Revolut from respecting the EU Single Market in allowing cross-border purchase of its UK-based Apple Pay service by residents of the entire EU and EEA.

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this is just a speculations and you know it :grinning:



Of course. I phrased it in a way that is overtly speculative.



Curve is powered by WireCard and Wirecard has launched their NFC payment app boon way before Apple/Google Pay was launched in Europe. So WireCard already supports the tech behind of it, so the chances are good its coming soon to all cards issued by WireCard.



I hope Curve will implement Apple Pay like Monese where there is no regional BIN card restrictions per country :slight_smile:



Dear all, any news regarding Apple Pay and Curve card?

Since today, Apple Pay is actually available since today in Czech Republic :czech_republic: :sunglasses::slight_smile:.

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That’s great news! We don’t have an update to share just yet, but we will make sure to let everyone know as soon as we do.



Is there no chance of a bit more detail? You’ve gone quiet on the matter for quite some time now. How far along the process are you? Is the delay caused by Apple, Curve or someone else? What’s the latest ETA? Q2? 2020?



I think the priorities have been changed a little due to the Amex debacle and people complaining about the current subscriptions.



I think (if we look the experience with similar fintech companies) they will not tell anything except there is no ETA. Look Revolut, they announce Apple Pay is coming SOON at 2016 :joy: and still they do not have ETA, moreover they are not sharing any info about the reason of the delay. They just keep saying soon, and it is on the corner :joy:
So I will be surprised id Curve shares such details!