Apple Pay - When?

Apple Pay? this post is over a year old and we are still waiting. The only reason I got Curve was so that I could have one card. Now its just another extra card! No Apple pay and still not accepted at Tesco Pay at Pump etc.


Getting slightly concerned having read archived news that it took Monzo almost a year later to launch Apple Pay from launching GooglePay. Only this morning I decided to go out forgetting my wallet, but was able to pay for items in the shop using my AppleWatch, but this had to be my original bank card as that is all that is registered! Thus meaning I lost out on cashback rewards. I appreciate Apple and iOS is a whole battlefield to jump through in terms of setting up such a thing, compared to Android, but will we have to wait another year before Curve rolls this out…

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Curve with Apple Pay will be like Apple Pay for almost every bank card. The only benefit currently is cashback, but it will expire soon.
Just for reference - some small local fintech companies already added Apple Pay, without promises, 5 months after official launch of Apple Pay in the country.


Just be honest with us - when will Apple Pay arrive?


Just to say (I am new, its probably been mentioned above) Apple can have NDA requirements meaning they (curve) cant talk about how far the process is through before it is approved/ready to go live.


I hope there is a launch soon (not Curve-“soon”). The moment that happens, I would replace Revolut with Curve for all my domestic purchases (and most foreign).

Currently my Curve card has been manually locked by me and remained at home ever since Revolut launched Apple Pay…


Oh man… Now I find myself checking and updating the community CONSTANTLY looking for an Apple Pay announcement :man_facepalming:t2:
I can´t wait, really :joy:


Amen! Literally waiting for @Curve_Marie to announce it on here and make my Christmas!

For someone who doesn’t carry their bank card for every day spending, this couldn’t come quick enough!!