App crashes when looking at insights


Hi, Recently the insights section doesn’t seem to work on my phone. When I click on the ‘see more’ link on either top personal, business or card spend the app crashes and eventually closes. I realised that this started happening after I removed one of my cards from Curve a couple of weeks ago, maybe it has something to do with this?

I have an android phone with version 7.1.1 (nougat).

Hope you find and fix the bug soon since I find the insights section very useful.


CS confirmed to me that this is a bug and should be solved at some point…


We know about the issue and a fix is waiting to be released.

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This should now be fixed in the latest iOS build, as per the TestFlight build 3.0.0!


I fixed this on my Android phone by clearing all app data and logging in again


Awesome! Looks like we might be able to close this thread!


The insights section is working again. Thanks for fixing it!

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