Anyone else less than enthused about the changes to a subscription model?



Shocked and mortified. I paid for 4x black cards (family!) for the lifetime benefits but also to support a great new start-up…have also enthused to others many of whom signed up.
Put simply…I don’t want the extra benefits currently offered but also shouldn’t lose what I have already paid for. Free trial is totally disegenuous.
Feels like betrayal of trust totally against fintech principles… the big banks must have infiltrated curve!
In my humble opinion of course :wink:


Just want to throw my hat into the ring:

Advertising the original Curve Black as a £50 one-off fee and then effectively forcing customers to either continue on a subscription model or downgrade is a really flawed idea, if not misleading.

Quite understandably you are frustrating what could have been a very loyal customer base. You should at least give existing users the choice, and really should have introduced something along the lines of a ‘Black Plus’ for the new product alongside Metal.

Curve is brilliant; your approach on this latest change is not.


For what it’s worth @Curve_Alejandro @Curve_Marie, and reading what appears to be a wealth of well-articulated feedback from a core of knowledgeable fintech enthusiasts, I’ll make this plea.

Take this back to your team.
Don’t implement anything yet.
Review the model.
Reconsider the whole offering.


Because metal cards have suddenly become unimportant and the subscription model for existing members will be a killer blow.


Curve is about to get a lot of £50 chargebacks and a suit under the Consumer Rights Act if they take away a lifetime benefit.
Also, travel insurance is very cheap: comparable policies are £20/year for worldwide, probably less if purchased in bulk for people who already have it.


Same with you Curveball. I have recommended a few friends to sign up for the sign up bonus and etc. Whilst convincing them how £50 would be worth it in the long run. Not sure how i’ll explain to them that £50 for 6 months is worth it now. Might have to appologise and bring them out for lunch =(


I’m as irritated at the prospect as anyone, but where does Curve claim the benefits are for life?


and in case that page changes here’s the Internet Archive:


Thanks @root, but I can’t see the reference to a lifetime benefit.


The £10 fee is probably worth it for people who want those perks. But I paid the initial £50 Black card join fee, feeling as if it was a lifetime thing. I don’t need the new benefits and I’m happy having my normal black card. Existing customers who are happy and are using the card shouldn’t have to be forced to change their plan.


If you believe it’s a “unique and superb” offer, why dont you let people opt into it or keep their plan as is? I can’t have metal as I’m in Portugal. By the same token, Amex isn’t available here, in fact amex left here and most of Europe last December 31st, then there’s the insurance package from Axa. I can get the exact same coverage directly from them for 3.50€ a month and I have 4 cars insured with them, so maybe they even throw it for free if I ask them, not that I would need to as I have the same coverage as given by metal from my other cards, all of them fee free, so where is the value?

By trying to argue the money people paid for black translates into x months of the new black you assume everyone values the service at the same 9.99 as curve does when that’s a judgement each person needs to make for themselves. For me, as explained, it doesn’t make the least of sense


Obviously the community isn’t happy about this change and neither am I.

It would be interesting to see if Curve will actually listen to the feedback and come back with a solution for us Black users or ignore it and turn into a normal bank who is after profit.

It has already been mentioned here. Don’t change the Black scheme for existing customers. If you do, I am out!


I pretty much feel the same as other users. I definitely don’t want to pay a subscription. I only upgraded to a Black fairly recently too - I feel a bit cheated that I was allowed to do that, if I’m not going to be able to keep what I currently have.

Am I able to request a refund of my £50 if I can’t keep my current Black option?


The problem is the “one-off fee” and the timing.

Curve are offering Black right now on their website - you could become a Black user today, expecting benefits for the foreseeable, only to discover you will need a subscription…


I imagine everyone I recommended curve to and paid the £50 for black will now get salty at me for involving them in this “scam” as that’s how the average person is going to perceive it


There is still hope. Like they have said. Nothing has been set in stone before product launch. Lets hope the community’s voice is heard, and the outcome wont disappoint us.

I still believe in the startup and think it is an amazing idea to consolidate the cards into one and if the business plan is executed right. Would gain a really strong community support like how monzo have done.

Monzo started with a unique idea. But as the years passed, truthfully, i think many more new competitors have emerged providing the same idea. But monzo continues to grow because they stay ahead the game in providing good services and they gained strong community support. Lets hope curve doesnt disappoint their community.

Which also, is what i think Amex have done right. With all the inconvenience of not accepting amex most places years back, they still had many members supporting them. To me, its not cause their points are worth more, cause if u cant get the points, its worth nothing. But Its cause of their strong customer support! They really have flawless concierge and support. Even when claiming insurance. They really have done that right


I predict a few days’ silence from the Curve team, then a major announcement, following the feedback from Black card holders…:flushed:

And it’ll all be good…?


Wow. So I missed a bunch it seems.

As a curve black card holder I simply want the service I have already paid for so to hear from curve it will move to a choice of either upgrade to the subscription model with a series of low end upgrades that my current premium cards already provide in a much more capable packages or downgrade to blue without a refund of the £50 black joining fee is disappointing.

Even better. This subscription fee metal cards nonsense has taken precedence over a bunch of actual useful features. I joined for:

  • consolidation of cards
  • expense management

What I wanted:

  • integration with sap concur
  • integration with expensify
  • Google pay/Fitbit pay/Apple pay
  • AMEX support

What I’m going to get:

  • £10 a month fee
  • a vanity metal card.
  • AMEX Support.


  • a lowering of my limits
  • a charge for AMEX use

Honestly curve is missing the mark on this, I get the impression people don’t want another revolut with curve. Curve have hooked a bunch of people who were essentially happy with the status quo of cards they had, just wanted easier management of them. If curve do this they’ll alienate the lot.


Will those of us who paid a supposed “one off” £50 fee for Black now get a refund if we don’t want to transition to the new subscription model?

Curve would have been better to leave Blue and Black as it is and charge the subscription for a new “Silver” card.


Pagemakers is right :+1:


Very good point @Scriptmonkey. One can only hope Curve take this feedback seriously. Unfortunately, the voice from the forum is only a tiny fraction of the Curve customer base which’ll have no knowledge of the dilemma.

I could live with @Pagemakers’ suggestion around a third subscription-only card. :grin: