Anyone else less than enthused about the changes to a subscription model?



Thanks for the clarification, @Curve_Alejandro - are you able to confirm for beta users whether the start of the six month clock for this grace period will run from time of public launch (preferred) or from time of upgrade to latest version of the app (not preferred!). Not a leading question at all… :wink:


And @diego_curve exactly what the discount is, how to get it and when we can get it.


As a Curve Black Beta tester you will know very soon. The rest of Curve Black customers will need to wait until the general launch, which is getting closer and closer.

(I know this all sounds like a teasing game, but I don’t want to promise a date when so many moving parts need to work perfectly together).


seems to me that the main issue is that the benefits provided by black and metal are (a) not particularly good value for money and (b) likely to be provided via the underlying credit cards

added to this, the fact that things like car rental and airport lounge access are likely to be covered by employers for anyone using curve for business expenses, makes them irrelevant perks

The Rewards model is confusing. I joined pre-Feb 2018, however, the rewards retailers no longer display on my app. I also don’t get cashback at the retailers i’d prefer (which are only available for 6 months to newer users). Much as it might upset some users, it would make more sense for the rewards programs to be merged

The only fathomable reason for getting the subscription cards would be to allow for a corresponding increase in annual spend. Based on comments in the Higher limits thread this doesn’t appear to be the case. As such, curve will remain a useful app for expense recording but will never actually replace the other cards in my wallet


@Curve_Alejandro are you able to answer my query too? :slight_smile:


This is not necessarily true in the future. Watch this space. :slight_smile:


The start of the “clock” for each customer will be when they first get access to subscriptions.


OK thanks for clarifying, bit of a shame. Will hold off for now then!


It appears that after all, the accusation that context may be lacking in some way is simply not true and everything that was said is confirmed.

So current black users will be forced into a grace period for a service they may not want/need and will have to then start paying for it or downgrade and lose their current benefits. How someone thought this was ok is beyond me

We’re basically only talking about fx and credit card ATM limits, so was it really that hard to keep current black subscribers with their current benefits if they didn’t want to upgrade to the new subscription tier and call it “black (classic)” or “blue (enhanced)”?


I ordered Curve Black only a couple weeks ago and received it yesterday. I’m quite disappointed to read that unless I pay a recurring monthly fee, I will now be downgraded to Blue!

I would have expected the grace period to be at least be a year long given a new customer would effectively be paying €50/6 months = €8.33 per month. It’s like they’re already paying the new subscription fee! Aside from this forum, this information is nowhere to be found and you’re fooling new customers that are joining today thinking €50 is a lifetime fee as advertised.

Furthermore, the added insurance benefits for Curve Black are not even available in my country (Sweden). Curve should reconsider this move as I do think you will lose a lot of your initial paying customers. The best move would’ve been to keep Curve Black Classic without the added benefits and new Curve Black users who have actively chosen the subscription model can pay €10 per month.


Yes. I do agree with you. Curve black users paid for the benefits that comes with Curve Black. And now we are faced with the option of, 1) Pay us more for benefits you might not need, or 2) downgrade to a lower plan than what you have paid for.

I think that we should be given a choice. 1) If you want the insurance. Upgrade and pay more. 2) If you dont want the insurance. just stay on your existing plan. So we are not better off neither are we worst off.

I am not saying that the benefits are not good. Cause i do believe that the benefits curve offered do look good and beneficial to those who do not have it. However, for most of us who already have underlying cards, used curve black to help consolidate them. And the underlying cards have the insurance offered.

If i am thinking to recommend this to my friend. I’m not sure what i should sell them anymore.
Subscribe £10 a month for the insurance. (have it on my credit card)
Use it to consolidate all your cards into 1. (well, apple pay and google pay is not as ideal as they dont have physical cards, but that will do for free. and contactless are accepted most places now)
Forex (Monzo, Revolut)
Amex? (well, yeah. maybe. still one selling point. depending on how everyone’s spending patterns are. but maybe i might get the blue curve card for that and pay as I use it. As Amex is getting better in my locality anyways. most big ticket items would accept my amex directly. and use the curve blue for small stuffs that i need. And i’m not really sure how the numbers would work out. But if i can use up to £1k if i get a £10 subscription. That would mean i will be paying £10 to buy 1,000 amex points. Not sure how the value conversion goes. But seems like it might barely break even.)

To me, Subscription on Black has skewed from what i believe curve was set out to solve, is to act as one card for all the cards we have so that we dont have to bring all of it out. I do belive that users who want the insurance should pay for it. I just think that should be a different tier and the curve black should not be touched.

and i would never understand the cost argument if someone tells me subscription has to be done for it to be sustainable. So if, a one off fee was never sustainable from the start. Does that mean that when the cards were first issued, the plan was already to change it to subscription after gaining as many new subscribers as we can and then force them all onto subscriptions later on. If this is not the case, then shouldnt a one off fee been already calculated as able to sustain the business when they first issued it? at least for the first few customers.

In the end, i’m just a user, and its just my opinion. Things might not go my way. But i would seriously consider twice if a new firm that just started, will reward their existing customers that were pioneering customer’s from the start with downgrade unless you pay. Down the road, if there arises another product upgrade, would the existing customer’s be screwed over again?


Agreed. These customer unfriendly moves will certainly have downstream impacts. A new customer can never be certain they can stay on their plan more than 6 months. New Black and Metal customers could always be price hiked and only be grandfathered for 6 months under the old terms. What if one day Curve gets rid of their Black tier altogether and force people on the Metal card? That’s not unlike what they are doing now.


I don’t get it. I paid £50 for Curve Black for a LIFETIME of up to £400pm fee-free ATM withdrawals and unlimited fee-free spend abroad. Now I will only get 6 months? How is this ok?


Agree with you. Not fair at all


I think trying to sell this as a positive for those on black (a “superb and exclusive offer”) shows that you’ve completely missed the point.


How can an offer be superb if you’ve already paid for some of it and don’t want the rest?


Fair enough - I was thinking of the offer of upgrading to Metal with a discount when I wrote that phrase. The other choice, 6 months grace for Curve Black, while good value for the current Curve Black customers, is what we believe to be a fair offer.


Wow. I missed this quote.

Surely, if Curve employees were in our position (customers who have paid €50 for what was advertised as a lifetime fee) they wouldn’t see it that way. This complete lack of awareness of customer issues is what damages brands and destroys startups. You should use your (paying) early adopters as brand ambassadors instead of fooling them into signing up for a product with a one-time fee that suddenly turns in a subscription.

And what about customers where Amex and insurance benefits don’t even apply (Sweden)? What is this ‘superb and exclusive offer’ for us?


You literally referred to the “six months of the new Curve Black for free” when you said “a superb and exclusive offer” in your post. How can you even say you otherwise. Sigh.


I think it’s clear this approach to transitioning Black customers is a mistake and the decision should be revisited ASAP.