AMEX update


Whats the latest on bringing back AMEX to curve. Can the admin team advise what avenues are being investigated and an interim update?


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Would be nice to know if we need to find and alternative or keep sticking to curve

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Well let us know if you find an alternative.

PS: There used to be Coin, and there’s But they don’t offer a physical card, yet.

It is unlikely to ever happen, unless a court forces it.

Certainly not in 2019.

From January Launch FAQs

As requested - an interim update on Amex :slight_smile:


we’re working with a top law firm to consider recourse through the courts make your case in front of the courts and relevant financial regulators.

Seems like this post could use some copy editing :wink:

Thanks, will go over it :smiley:

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Hi All,

I haven’t followed the community much lately I would like to know if there is any news about the come back of support for Amex?


:wave: Hello Tia,

Not really. The latest update is mentioned in a post a bit further up :point_up: