Amex to Amex go-back-in-time?



Wonder how (and if) this works? Would you need to top up on both cards?

eg. I make a 200GBP transaction, I top up 200GBP to Amex #1. I decide I want the charge to go to Amex #2. Would I have to top up 200GBP on Amex #2 as well (leaving me with a balance of 200GBP on #1)?


I don’t believe GBiT is available for Amex cards…


I agree, I tried to do this earlier today and found it didn’t show my amex card as an available option to GBIT with.

I would also add now that curve is allowing Amex does that mean you can still pay off an amex bill (Via amex app) with the curve card?..


I would assume that the transaction would be declined if you have an amex card selected in Curve. I tried to top up my K-ring (prepaid MasterCard) yesterday, and it was declined when I had Amex selected, but approved when I selected a different card.


Good to hear. I will try it out tomorrow and hope that if I select a non AMEX card it will let me pay off the Amex as normal.



A non-amex card worked for me when paying off amex bill


Thank you Omar. Phew, would’ve been painful if not.


For the Curve team: is there any chance of getting go-back-in-time on amex cards? Without it, I end up carrying my joint account and company cards anyway, as with Curve set to my amex card, if I don’t have mobile signal in a shop I can’t switch. Or if I don’t have my amex selected, I can’t charge things to it without changing card before a purchase. It invalidates one of the main features that makes Curve useful.