Amex Blocks Curve in Anti-Competitive Move


why a rip off
did you see their APRs?
Some of them go up to 80% - thats close to payday company cards!!!
Also breach of data is a nightmare !!!


yes - i think they need it to think thru this public roll out
as you can now see - many of these sign ups or upgrades are from people who are going crazy at the first cloud on the sky - about being charged £15 and never getting it back etc etc


The 76% APR is based on the £195 fee + credit limit of £1,200.

In reality you get around 20% APR… but who seriously has a non-free Amex (or any Amex for that matter) and not pay their balance off in full?

So I pay zero interest (so ignore APR) + £195 annual fee, giving me tonnes of Avios and a 2-4-1 voucher each year, which if you redeem long haul can save 100k+ (which, if you value then at 1p per Avios, is £1,000+ worth of Avios saved using a 2-4-1) avios per year.

Worth it.


exactly - why pay £195/year for avios points - which you can use on BA or AA - worst airlines possible lol


As above, that £195 fee saves £1,000+ when flying business long haul using the 2-4-1 you get…


flying in a balloon is better than first class on BA or AA
if it was on any other airlines - id be with you!!!


Do you have a source for this? Or is it just from blogs etc., meaning only speculations? Because everything I found so far is people repeating what they read somewhere else, and the more people they repeat it, the more people think its facts :smiley:
Same as the higher limit (up to 1 million) on hfp :smiley:


Well, I had used Amex in 4 countries (including UK for a year) and in my experience they are the most customer centric brand.

And yes, they take their T&C very seriously.

Not every product is for everyone - Amex charge cards are not for someone who carries balance. Infact it’s clearly mentioned before you sign up to Amex charge cards about the APR & penalty if you don’t pay on time. You agreed to do business with them on their terms, so why complain ?

Secondly, credit card is an ancillary service and not part of core banking offering. So it’s upto the provider to define where to use their product ! Technically it’s not your money that you are spending - it is Amex’s money you are spenting and they decide where & how to spent it.

Your money comes into picture only when you repay the balance !

Lastly, Amex is very strict on gaming the system - in US , they claw back points if they find the user gamed the system or violated MR agreements. They have 60/90 days to audit & clawback the points (I don’t know if it’s added in the UK MR agreement)


So true! BA biz or 1st is a joke. Avios are only useful for shorthaul nonstop flights, there they are really great. For anything else, there are other airlines much better, for example QR Q-suites!
I personally earn most my points with the German LH m&m card, since it gives me 1:1 and I have better availability for flying LH First. Not the best program, but its ok and when it comes to miles earning credit cards, Germany is not that great. But AmEx Germany is terrible.

If the IHG UK card still comes with a free night certificate + 0% fx fees, I’d recommend that one. For any other miles earning card in the UK I have no idea.
In Germany we have a card that earns real 1% on all purchases and the upgraded version 2% on all travel related purchases and 1% for everything else. But not that easy to get that card.


See statement from Amex here:



I upgrade to metal based on this functionality - Is there a way to cancel?



Thank you - I know what a charge card is and I NEVER carry balances on my charge cards - i dont even think is possible - they’d close your card
the good thing about that is that you then spend within your limits - unlike on CC where you think its ok to spend a lot and spread repayments

I dislike Amex because they are not the brand they used to be - when i was on platinum they couldnt book even the most basic locations - they never bothered really, all their events were sold off even after 5 min from receiving the invite; the lounge partneship is begining to suck - people were queueing at heathrow last time to get into the lounge - how awful and were limited to 30min spending - clearly overcrowded

the insurance was a nightmare to sort - and overall - i really dont like the way they act - i strongly think Mastercard can do a better job - if they’d put some thinking into it
Amex is trying to portray themselves as not a brand for everyone - yet they offer their Platinum card to anyone that is willing to pay £450/year - most people would do it to get the lounge and insurance benefits - FX rates are also awful

I really would like to see an alternative from Mastercard and Curve to their charge cards - and i would gladly switch; pray and hope they do


Yes, you have a 14 day Cooling Off Period with full cancellation rights.

The open question though and one echoing in the cave of silence here is whether Curve will roll you back onto your original plan now that the feature used to incentivise you across has vanished into thin air.


If amex has gone then they should allow metal users to cancel or continue at a reduced charge and allow the 1%cashback at 6 merchants for the full membership period

Also there should be some free lounge visits!!


There’s a bunch of news articles about Curve which I read, and then I took a look at Reddit trying to learn more. Someone came up with that theory, which aligns with what I’ve read.

Amex did agree to a beta which we know happened based on their statement.

“American Express participated in a limited Curve beta test where we enabled a small number of Card Members to load funds onto an e-wallet using their Amex Card in the Curve app. Following this beta test we informed Curve that we would not participate in the further roll out of the Curve e-wallet.”

Most recently, Curve made the change to make it an open beta (based on their wording). After that happened, Amex pulled support. Therefore I believe that Amex didn’t agree with the open beta which aligns with what Curve has done in the past.

Additional discussion:


Why? It’s only one of the features that has gone, all others remain in place and Curve are still promoting it.


So how will you be amending your subscription fees now a sold benefit is no longer being provided?


Pretty annoying as I’d just signed up to metal for thus exact reason. But I’d be surprised if curve didn’t get some decent assurances from AMEX before releasing a subscription model including this. I’m just tempted to scrap my Amex card now I think.


Just spoke with amex they say they weren’t happy with the results of the beta and wouldn’t be taking any further part. So don’t think it will be coming back anytime soon. Unless curve can give amex what they really want, whatever that is.

Keep pushing tho curve, you have hot a good community here and sure they will stay With you.


Sad news…
Agree, I’m sticking with you guys!