Amex Blocks Curve in Anti-Competitive Move


You have a very valid point there @Sharka. Fortunately, I had much less than that sitting in my vallet but since I have lost all confidence in them at this point, I have emptied my vallet by making some spend on Curve rather than the Amex card directly.

Hopefully, there is no real risk to money in vallets but I am not taking the risk. I would be very happy to be proven unnecessarily cautious though.


Marie has picked up on this and sorting it out :slight_smile:


if curve could offer something even remotely similar to Amex i would scrap my amex accounts in a second
amex is such a horrible player - they constantly do this - with other partnerships as well - i dont know why they do this - unless because they start to see no one gives a sh**t about their overpriced, undervalued products - the premium card which has almost similar perks like Metal Curvey (ok a few more than) costs 450GBP/year - that is £38/mo substantially more
So I can see why people value curve -
also i cannot imagine Curve going public monday about their partnership with Amex without amex’s approval

I hope they sort it
and amex should really start to stop acting in such a bullying way!!!


Yes, I have wrote about this somewhere else in the forum.
AmEx is very particular about this.
In Germany you can send money via “PayPal friends” free of charge to your friends, so a real p2p payment service and you can pay by any credit card without any fees.
Of course it didn’t take long til users were sending money to friends and payed with AmEx to accumulate free Membership rewards.
MANY AmEx card holders (no matter if they were new members or have been with Amex for many many years) received a letter short after informing them its not allowed to use AmEx for p2p payments and for using on PayPal Friends, they did not receive any MR for this and also AmEx disabled their cards instantly and ended their AmEx ‘membership’ (not sure which English word is the right one for this, apologies)

AmEx even ignored their own t&c which stated that they have to give out a 2month advance notice. I have several friends to which happened this exact thing, they all raised an objection and were allowed to use their cards for another 2 months but not being allowed to use it for any PayPal Friends payments.

So yes, AmEx is very particular when it comes to users ‘gaining the system’ in a legal way but AmEx losing out somehow.
There were many discussion on German forums about this with hundreds of posts of affected users.

AmEx did not only breach their own t&c once when it comes to cancellations but they also said did it on another case:
AmEx Germany promised 75k MR as a sign up offer once you received the minumum spend of 3500€ (or was it 3000€ or 2500€?) for the AmEx plat.
Users (like me) which reached that mininum spend didn’t receive the promo 75k instantly but AmEx said we only receive it after 3 months, which was nowhere noted in the 62page long pdf.
When confronting AmEx with this, they said they have no knowledge about this and I (as many other users) had to fax in and send by snail mail their own t&c stating that the promo points were instantly rewarded within the 1st billing statement.
Only then, after sending AmEx their own t&c and marking the correct paragraph, they gave out the promo points.
But every single user had to do that because they didn’t believe their own t&c and of course they were hoping users were giving up (after many many long calls).

So yes, long story short: AmEx is a really funny company that doesn’t care about their own t&c or contracts and does whatever they feel like so it doesn’t surprise me at all that from 1 day to the next they suddenly banned Curve, just because they felt like it.


Clearly, the Amex Platinum card is not for everyone. But for frequent travellers, the benefits can easily be worth it. And there are far more benefits offered by the Amex card which are not available on Curve in addition to the insurance and lounge access benefits being much better than those offered by Curve.

Many people may not need those benefits and thus have the choice not to pay for them and for example get the Curve Black (as they can no longer get the Curve Metal).

For me, the only real attraction in terms of benefits is the gadget insurance which I currently do not have elsewhere. In fact, £9.99 per month is a competitive price just for that, but then you have to be aware that it only covers up to £800 so it will not cover top of the range smartphones fully.

I do not see any evidence of Amex acting in a bullying way here. We have two sides of the story, with both companies effectively blaming the other for the problem. For me as a consumer, the bottom line is that Curve is not delivering the product they sold me only a few days ago.


Wouldn’t customer service still be working on tickets from before Monday before they start on the backlog of subscription tickets on Monday and Tuesday. It’ll be a while before they get to this issue I think, which should give leadership time to figure it out. :joy:


True, as an enduser one does only care about the endproduct, if its not working, then its bad. Same as when buying a car, lets say Audi. If the car is not working anymore, you don’t care if its the engine or the brakes or …, its Audis fault and they are to blame.
So I can totally understand you.
But as of right now it doesn’t help much to speculate whose fault it is. From the year long personal experience I’ve had with AmEx I can say ( for myself) that their sudden move fits perfectly in to the story Curve is saying - but we don’t know ourselves - innocent until proven guilty so to speak :smiley:

But again, for us it doesn’t really matter whose fault it is, we only want to have a working product and hope that AmEx and Curve will come to a decision that will work for both of them. But if its AmEx fault and they keep on blocking Curve and if its against the law (if this is the case) and Curve looks into legal ways this can take quite some time.

So lets hope Curve will come up with a nice idea to keep all users happy for now, even if AmEx is not working right now.


But if its AmEx fault and they keep on blocking Curve and it is a gainst the law (if this is the case) and Curve looks into legal ways this can take quite some time.

If it ends up going that way, I cannot see a way of making it work. Getting the lawyers involved is never good for a relationship moving foward. So let us hope it does not come to that.


I’m sure this will be a very unpopular opinion on the Curve forum… But here goes anyway.

The title of this thread reads “Amex Blocks Curve in Anti-Competitive Move” - Can someone explain what is anti competitive here? I’m struggling to see how Curve and Amex are in competition with each other?

Secondly, of course it’s right not to jump to conclusions until all the evidence has been presented - But so far we have a statement from each company.

Curve’s statement reads like someone has had an argument, and is blaming the other person without any facts to back up their argument.

Amex’s statement reads like a factual “this is what happened” scenario, and there’s nothing more to discuss (which leads me to think that it was Curve who jumped the gun on all of this, and not Amex pulling the deal at the last minute).

Factor that in with Curves history of messing things up (subscriptions complexity, who has what card, customer service, changing the benefits on different cards, Amex integration being taken away in the first instance etc etc), and it’s hardly surprising that this has happened.

It’s been hours since this happened, and still no word from anyone on the community? Not even a “we know you are waiting for some info, we’ll get it to you as soon as we can” type message?

I feel sorry for all of those staff who worked on this, and are likely as shocked as the customers.

But really… It’s just one mess after another these days.


Wouldn’t customer service still be working on tickets from before Monday before they start on the backlog of subscription tickets on Monday and Tuesday.

Don’t expect that any time soon. I sent in a ticket on Friday and am still waiting for a response on that.


There’s this:

but that is the only response I’ve seen so far.


Written at 2:15am… Everyone knows not to go on social media after you’ve had a fight with a lover… :joy:

I hope he can sort it out for the sake of his team and customers!


It depends on which site you’re on, the UK one or the International one. As of when I last checked, the UK site has Amex still listed (but a banner saying it’s not available right now) but the international one makes no mention of Amex (at least not an obvious one).

There’s a button to switch at the bottom of the page.


You don’t need to wait for your statement run, they’ll show on your online account in a few days. The beta has been running for months and we all received points fine, I don’t see why this would be any different for your transaction (although clearly a bit of a moot point for the near future!)


I for one will wait and see
it would be good if I can still get my metal card (has anyone got it yet?)
i can still use all my Visa and Mastercards and the money i topped up from Amex - should have done a £10000 top up lol

You would think Amex would want people to increase their spending and also places where they can use their precious cards - but apprently not
Everywhere you type Amex partnerships - some nastiness appears

i dont know much about Curve but as a British Brand i would be more keen to support them over the greedy Amex - i already contacted them asking why are they limiting me where i can spend money - at the end of the day - i should be allowed to spend their money where I want lol
their reply was that there are in disputes with this merchant atm
Again - what i dont understand is why participate in a beta esp if you once turned your back on Curve - just to get their hopes high and then step on them
I cannot and would not easily accept that Curve would have just gone public promising something that was never agreed with Amex - also - Amex taking 2 days to react - i think once they saw how many people starting topping up their wallets - they freaked out
But to act in such way that would put Curve in such a bad light and ruin their reputation (for the 2nd time) is really a bad move from Amex

Like i said - if Curve can find to offer an alternative to Amex - as in a similar model - I would be more than happy to ditch Amex altogether - as Mastercard is accepted much more widely
I hope they do - I hope they do it to start with on a small scale - with maybe just 10,000 people that have opted in for th metal card - and expand slowly
all i want is the Points scheme, the odd-one spend X to get Y at selected suppliers - altough the Cash back 1% if rolled out to always - at the 6 merchants i have selected - could still be something
Oh - and the charge card - functionality

Happy to help Curve team with ideas :slight_smile: worked on the HSBC and Amex premium card developements and know what people what or not

i think for now Curve just needs to limit their Metal signups - develop something that can rival amex with Mastercard and trust me when i say - many people will LEAVE amex -

Looking forward


amex always goes on partnerships, makes a big fuss about to get people to sign up for their products and then abandons them after a short time
they are just desperate to attract more customers but at the same time they dont want people to use someone else’s brands
the BA partnership - HUGE rip-off - might come to an end too soon


Well, unless it’s a bug in my iOS App, I’m now even more shocked.

Anyone tried to downgrade their account following the news this morning ?

It seems I am prevented from doing so and am stuck in a ‘are you sure you want to downgrade’ cycle loop of death that never actually allows me to submit my request to downgrade !

If it isn’t just isolated to me and a process to exercise Cancellation Rights during the 14 day Cooling Off period has been rolled out to production without testing, that’s beyond agile, that’s scandalous.

This has FOS complaint written all over it unless someone addresses this pronto.


why so desperate to downgrade>
see - this was Curve first error - allowing everyone to upgrade by just paying 15gbp/mo so that they can now act like zombies
should have been a limited roll-out base on strict criterias - pretty much a closed signup
then only invited people could join

atm they’re going to get loads of people wanting to downgrade or money back - like they’ve lost all their savings etc

Give a freaking chance to see whats what - wait a week - is not like you’re stuck on that 15GBP


Why a huge rip-off?

I’m getting 30k points for spending £3k inside first 3 months (around £200 short and not done my first month yet), plus 1.5 avios per £1 and 3 avios per £1 at BA.

That’s a good return, especially with the 2-4-1 voucher you get after spending £10k!

It beats the Amex Gold (in my opinion) for the rewards for an extra £55 a year!


From some more reading I’ve done, it seems like Curve tried to stretch the rules surrounding their agreement. From what I understand, their agreement with Amex was to run a beta test. They then decided to extend this beta to be an open beta (but really isn’t much different than a UK rollout as far as I can tell). Amex didn’t agree and as such, pulled their agreement.

I think we’ve seen this behavior before with Curve, if I’m remembering correctly, the original cards issued were business cards but were given to anyone with a “business”?