Amex Blocks Curve in Anti-Competitive Move


Sorry to say but if you’re rolling out something like this, you do need to be prepared and have this already sorted out beforehand. You can’t manage this „on-the-go“ as it is linked to the main change of the business model and how to progress with it.

And I‘m afraid to say that the whole communication has been terrible IMHO.


I don’t feel at all sorry for Curve’s senior leadership, who have screwed this whole thing up from beginning to end. I do feel sorry for all the other staff at Curve, whether engineers or customer service reps, who have put a lot of work into building several new products, and now have one of those products unceremoniously removed. They now will have to put up with angry customers, a huge feeling of disappointment that their work has come to nothing, and uncertainty about the future of their jobs given the poor strategic decisions at the top.


Yep, totally agree - I don’t think their comms have been well-managed either, I found it quite difficult trying to explain the changes to friends that I had previously recommended to Curve.


This was true even before the Amex fiasco.

Curve needs to go back to the very basics and have clear product roadmaps.


I have - but like other requests I’ve sent them over the last two weeks it will he ignored for quite some time. I queried a transaction 2 weeks ago and has yet to be dealt with, on another issue my last reply was simply ignored and they closed the ticket saying we haven’t heard from you so we’re closing it. I guess, this is the underlying issue with a lot of fintech. If I needed to question a transaction with my bank I would phone them, speak to an actual person and be sorted quickly. Rather than just have to send an email and hope it’s sorted some time in 2019…


Yep, agreed - I found Starling pretty poor to deal with when querying a transaction and Revolut were appalling - it took about a week to get my account unlocked as they decided they randomly wanted more information. I sent them it but then radio silence for days before all approved without even an apology! Being able to just pick up a phone and speak to someone does still have its place!


Yep, totally agree.

Curve per se is a great company with a potentially great product that I‘m more than happy to support! However, the implementation has gone downhill as all new things feel rushed and not thought through.


same here, still rocking the same black beta card from the beginning


All in all, It is a niche product. I will still provide my support for them once all this is sorted… They have made some really bad decisions, and they should hold someone internally to be responsible. However, the product idea is still good. With the right price and perks. I would still support the idea… Not sure how they will make their product sustainable now though…


Agreed, Revolut’s customer service was terrible … N26 wasn’t much better and I haven’t needed to use Starling’s yet. On balance, always found Curve’s customer service to be timely, on point and extremely comprehensive. I had a complex query last month spanning three transactions and several ATMs and they de-mystified it all within 24 hours in a clear and holistic response - was super impressed. I just hope they continue to deliver that level of customer experience on the Curve Legacy Black roll back !


I agree, the AMEX feature was the main selling point which allowed me to warrant spending £150 on a card, without it, it is not worth anywhere near that, so would want a refund.


I like many others was really quite astonished to see this as anyone.

Looking at the known details thus far, it seems as though the eagerness of Curve to get a new product lineup out they somehow managed to get disengaged with this critical partner. As Amex says in its statement they were participating in a limited beta and for all intensive purposes the “going public” aspect seems to have sparked this, speculation of course based upon what we know.

I agree with the previous posters, Curve certainly was stating the feature was Beta, however looking at it’s announcements which were far and wide and carried also by the broadsheets, it gives every impression to the consumer that Amex was/is a core feature, not Beta, even though some of the communication denoted it as such. If this was something in front of the Advertising Standards Bureau I believe Curve would lose the argument that it was clearly denoted beta. However disappointed we as consumers are, it really makes me wonder how Curve potentially mistepped with this critical partner in its relationship, something clearly has gone wrong and I’m scratching my head wondering how they could have gotten this so wrong.

As with any startup, these things unfortunately do happen, speaking with my own experience I do feel for the team and hope they are doing some soul searching along with practical measures to line up their communications and partnerships strategies to shore up what they have with the other partners and repair what they can with Amex, far worse things happen to other companies. Hopefully a big mea culpa for what ever it is can bring things around.

I for one will continue my support for Curve on the basis that how they listened to their customers regarding the subscription situation and delivered a decent compromise at least for my personal situation on the Black cards.

It’s really in the hands now of Curve, let’s hope they can straighten this out and limit damage to the brand and credibility.


Crazy situation …! i was still awaiting the Amex feature for Me here in France…and it aborts before even existing for us…
I don’t know, like everybody here, the real reasons of this fight between Curve and Amex, but i support the team and i cross my fingers for a good future, with or without Amex.
after all, i’m happy to be able to use all my MC and Visa trough my Curve, and i can use my Amex in direct mode, like since i’m member ( 1988)…That’s only my own opinion.


Dont you guys find it strange, that even with 4/6 months of free subcription for beta users we still paid for the first month? Doesn’t happen likr that with Netflix/Spotify etc. Looks like they needed money fast. To get money subscriptions were rolled our faster. Subscribtions could not have been rolled out without Amex. I hope this is not true…


Nowhere did it say we should have paid for the first month.

I’ve raised support tickets demanding a refund as a paid first month is not a free 6 months. Both me and my wife have had £9.99 taken without consent or authorisation. Being ignored by the team at the moment… if they don’t refund within a week or so I’ll be raising a chargeback.


I believe I did see it somewhere, that you had to pay the first month and then the rest 4/6 would be free.

In any case, I paid the full amount.


Where, I saw it nowhere…

"How many months of Metal or new Curve Black do I get?

All Beta testers from starting the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme to the third wave, will be given 6 months of the new Curve Black or 4 Months of Metal."

Beta Testers will be able try to the new Curve Black for 6 months for free or 4 months of Metal.”

Nowhere does it state we must pay for month 1 to get the next 6 monthes free. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise as my Curve Amex usage is not that high, I spend mainly on my Amex directly whenever possible!


I don’t really see why it’s a risk I use my Amex wherever I can i carry it anyway as sometimes the offers on Amex are available. I only use Curve if the merchant doesn’t accept Amex as why use up limits or even extra fees (blue) so Amex are gaining extra business if most people on curve do the same. Just my thoughts, but it’s a shame it’s not happening anymore.


I believe that only applied to those upgrading to Metal, where (I understand from comments from others) you had to pay 1 year upfront and get refunded your free months.

I bought a Curve Black in Nov 2018, became a beta tester, then installed the public beta - no charge, which is consistent with the 6 months free new Curve Black trial period (for beta testers). Or am I just lucky?


When was this charge ?

I upgraded the app on 27th eve and got moved to subscription without my consent but I never saw a charge notification.

Were you notified ? And if on which card ? The card that’s currently selected in Curve or some other card ?

Can you post a screenshot of that.