Amex Blocks Curve in Anti-Competitive Move


I’m not sure that’s true… They classed it as a public release when they released metal on the public app?


Seems like this is why the subscriptions were so rushed out. All or nothing after the terms for the AMEX beta ended! Given the uncertainty and lack of planning with subscriptions this feels like it’s down to a lack of due diligence from the curve team and they’ve paid the price for it!


It’s there for me too -


For posterity, here’s a screenshot of the Amex page on Curve’s website as-of a few minutes ago. No caveats, no ‘betas’ and unequivocal headlines. I’ve submitted ASA complaints on less…


Agreed. As far as IOS, I’m sure Apple wouldn’t be happy with a beta running through their App Store.


You dont need a strong reason, you have a Cooling Off Period of 14 days to cancel, no questions asked.

It’s the roll back onto Curve Legacy Black that there’s no clarity on right now … being as the information and incentives presented to inform a decision to upgrade at the time have now significantly changed.


Agreed Redski - I’m sure Curve are brain storming the options.


In this aspect, I don’t feel sorry for them one little bit. They have massively breached GDPR and have some serious legality issues by auto upgrading people to a subscription model (irrelevant of free trial), passing their details to AXA without consent, and opening an insurance policy on their behalf, again without consent, all by pushing an app update and touting it as a good thing that the users didn’t need to do anything. This whole rollout has been a farce to be honest…


I did find this a bit weird and wonder if it is a key part.

Sounds like should me more info soon…

Stay tuned - I’ll provide more details tomorrow that might change your view.

— Shachar Bialick (@ShacharBialick) January 30, 2019


Although if you do nothing at the end of the free trial you’d revert to Blue (free) so I don’t see how they’re forcing a subscription?


This is one of the things that really shows the level of disregard for planning and taking time to do things properly. I’m pretty sure every person with a black card that doesn’t use this forum has no idea they are now on a subscription let alone signed up to insurance.


Where does it say this? Everything I’ve read (including their emails) state if you don’t want to continue to subscribe after trial you have to contact them. I haven’t seen anywhere it says you’ll auto drop back down…


As it stands, the advice is that members wishing to not continue at the trial end should contact Support.


Exactly - therefore if I don’t (or forget), I have been auto-moved to a subscription model without my consent!


From chat with them in the last couple of days - I can’t see how they’d force anyone onto paying a sub without actively doing something. All of this is minimum 3/12 away anyway (6/12 for beta testers) so plenty of time to be sorted once this more pressing issue is dealt with!


I just went to the website and navigated to the Metal page. There’s a link. It’s also in the app under “Manage my subscription”.


Exactly - it’ll be sorted, but first things first. A statement will surely be issued in the next day or so. They just need some slack, right now.


All of which is irrelevant. They have clearly stated that you must contact them if you don’t want to continue subscribing. If they change tact and say they will auto remove the sub then great, but I asked several times on the other thread and was ignored. Your also missing my rather large point regarding my personal data and AXA.


There are different levels of consent. I’d wager they don’t need your ‘explicit consent’ for this and could get away with ‘deemed consent’ so long as they meet FCA guidelines about serving you notice of the change in T&C’s well in advance (I think it’s 60 days, but many firms play it safe and issue comms 90 days ahead of the pricing change) - and this is demonstratable by them as every Curve member had the updated changes and T&C’s land in their mailbox this week.

I think the sticky point and where there will be regulatory / ombudsman leverage and challenge is that the terms and offer set out, no longer exist as stated and so renders the agreement missold.


Well feel free to email them then, I’m just trying to highlight that they appear to have a plan in this regard. It’s not for me to comment on the personal data/AXA points, I was merely trying to add some information I had with regards the subs point.