Amex Blocks Curve in Anti-Competitive Move


I wouldn’t mind supporting curve during this “fiasco”, but honestly curve did nothing to earn my support!

On September, if I am not wrong, Curve tweeted they are going to bring back AMEX support. A couple of months later they only did this for a closed beta group with applications accepted only for a day or so!

Two months later they officially released Metal subscription with the main selling point the AMEX support. I upgraded to Metal and decided to pay the full amount in advance, showing my trust and support to Curve.

However, since I did that, I have received almost zero Customer Support! I have had a few issues and my open tickets just stand there open! No comminication at all, apart from those public announcements. Not only I have received no support from Curve, but just 36hours after the official launch, one of the main features of the product sold, is being withdrawn!

Is that AMEX or Curve fault?

AMEX in a statement claims that the official release have been made by Curve even though they only gave approval for the beta testing.

Curve claims that AMEX has blocked them in an Anti-Competitive move.

What I know is that in this case I am a customer of Curve and I have received no support from them at all!

I just feel like a milk cow!


Yes, I agree with you. I was never sure why Amex came back as it was a risk to their brand.


I would imagine since they were selling the subscription mainly based on the Amex features that this would now be classed as false advertising since none of those benefits are available, therefore customers should be allowed some compensation, my suggestion would be a return to previous membership status.

Shiney cards do indeed inspire custom, but I would be worried if anyone is willing to pay £15 every month for the privilege (that’s a very expensive piece of metal).


Yes their hearts must be in their mouths at the moment. I do feel for them as this could be the beginning of the end. :grimacing:


It wasn’t mainly based, it was one of a number of benefits.


I’d wager you don’t work in the Finance Industry then and have never dealt with a regulator or ombudsman who care more about fair customer outcomes based on information presented to them to inform a decision ; rather than folding your arms and saying ‘this is how it is !


I’d bet you’d be wrong but hay ho. Like I said before nobody held a gun to anybody’s head and forced them to switch.

It’s a bit like blaming the bookies for devolving a gambling habit.* A little bit of personal responsibility goes a long long way, but I suppose it’s earlier to blame everyone else I guess.

*Not the best argument as that’s already happened.


I feel there are deeper issues which are not fully disclosed and I like others wonder what happens for subscription services which was largely based around Amex. Amex have always done things their way and always will. So what is really going on with Curve?

It all looks very strange and the email was confusing and felt rushed.

Just my opinion.


Well that’s a bummer… Only signed up to metal for the unlimited Amex use, we are a business and purchase a lot in foreign currency, we were hoping to save on transaction fees!

All was going well for the few times we used it!

What I find interesting, Amex launched beta 3 like 2-3 days before the public launch? This to me seems strange? Why onboard beta testers for a couple of days and then go public? Did Curve know this was coming? :lying_face:


Interesting way of looking at this…:thinking:


They need to take their web page promoting Amex down at this time. Surely someone can do it.


I think they are too busy having crisis meetings to be honest.


Didn’t see this coming :man_shrugging:t3:


While everyone is focussed on amex. I do feel for Curve and the losses they have made. Cause I expect they are in some sort of agreement with AXA. and after so many people get forced upgraded to black and some voluntarily to metal, there must be a lot of insurance coverage accounts opened. and now after 3 months. everyone will choose to go back to original legacy (maybe 5% might decide to stay for some reason). That is a huge sum to lose


From a recent email from Curve:

Unlimited Use of Amex®
with auto top-up and no fees (as a Beta feature)

I’ve read other advertising too that was very careful to refer to Amex as beta. My suspicion is that Curve knew that the agreement with Amex was for a limited beta period but they have gone ahead with a full launch anyway. I would be happy to be proved wrong on this if and when more details are released from Curve and/or Amex.


I also am in the same boat


I think a strong argument for being able to request a full refund of the Metal subscription is the simple fact that Curve is no longer offering the Metal card…


It’s still advertised on the website and in the app…


I don’t see it anywhere on and on


It was never a full launch it was an ‘open beta’