Amex Blocks Curve in Anti-Competitive Move


That’s what I’d like to know


Obviously we don’t have a complete set of facts right at this moment, but for the small time investment required perhaps we should each write a complaint to Amex (letter, not just social media or email) expressing disappointment at their decision and reiterating the fact that we’re able to spend more or our Amex cards at retailers that don’t normally accept it (which is not an insignificant amount).

If enough noise is made in a constructive way, they may sit up and take notice. Or do nothing at all, who knows.

American Express
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good. I have exactly the same, I suspect many will…


Amex never listens to their customers
that’s why they are where they are now - in a never ending identity crisis

the only thing they can do is honey trap all these small new-bizz - and then drop them to distroy them
Curve was never their partner - but their competition


Hang on in there! We’re silent, but working very hard. We’ll share an update with you as soon as we can.


I suppose Amex does have the benefit of launching products that work and, one presumes, the funds to take legal advice before acting.


I believe a pinned post like that sometime in the morning, would have worked great in keeping people from panicking.


I actually wonder if this would work. Amex makes money by charging businesses 3%. And if Amex allows curve to use amex everywhere. Seems like Amex will only make 0.65% assuming curve gets none and all is pass through. And when we spend Curve on retails, Msastercard/Visa will get 2% paid by the retailer.

If i look at it from Amex’s point of view, yes it will help them make money (0.65%) but, on the larger picture. If curve does grow bigger. Retailers might decide not to accept AMEX since they dont have to anymore because of curve. This might impact Amex’s strategy to expand?

Just my own theory. No proof nor facts.


Amex doesn’t charge business 3% - there are multiple layers between amex and the retailer . Amex -> Primary Payment Processor -> Secondory / Tertiary payment processor -> Retailer.

And each takes a cut. If the merchant is a big establishment, they work with a primary payment processor, if the merchant is small they usually work with secondary/tertiary payment processors.

Amex charges the interchange fee from the payment processor - same as what they charge Curve. There can be minor changes due to custom agreements like volume & min time commitment etc.


The thing with all this is it probably does more to put me off AMEX UK than it does to put me off Curve, they make a big song and dance once a year to get us to ‘Shop Small’, presumably to sign up more merchants. Clearly they’ve been in discussion with Curve for some time before putting this together, and then they go and pull a stunt, after business hours.

It just does not give you much confidence in how they deal with people! Surely their main focus would be on capturing more revenue, and supporting startups that aim to revolutionise the space in which they operate, who knows we could have seen things like an AMEX issued curve card to use on Apple Pay etc.

So whilst im disappointed, ill be leaving my AMEX in my drawer and continuing to use my curve card where ever possible…now whats the best mastercard/visa reward/cashback card in the UK?! :joy::rofl:


I read somewhere that amex was working on an ewallet itself may be is related


The best non-AMEX cashback card is the Tandem credit card, 0.5% everywhere and no FX fees.


I have Tandem, didn’t get a very hight credit limited with them though.


Is there in euro too?


I haven’t got an Amex (no vested interest here!), but in my view amex was a big driver towards Curve metal for a lot of those that subscribed.

An issue could well be the metal cards that have been produced - is it fair to leave customers with a metal card but then back on the grandfather plan? But equally, is it fair to essentially say ‘tough’?

In relation to the first point - if could get away with that, I’d upgrade to metal today then demand a migration back down again to Black Legacy (free of charge and no ongoing subscription) - win win.

Maybe there were a few (handful at most I’d guess) that have tried that - if they get a metal card on Curve Black Legacy, why can’t I have it?

It’s a very hard choice for Curve. Going to annoy people whatever the outcome.

Personally, I think a move back to Legacy, with a reasonable fee for metal (say £25 as I think £50 is far too high). Plus offer Legacy customers the choice to have a metal card for £25 - might get some takers and some instant income (although not recurring, which is what they desperately need).


I agree with the option to keep metal card. I have ordered a metal card and if the Amex function is not maintained or resolved will have no real purpose aside from the FX fees / not worth £150 for year if the case.

I would happily pay a small one off some to keep the metal card with black legacy like benefits though and agree with your idea on this side.

Or even ability to keep metal card for free utilising the astectics of the metal card with the blue (free benefits), if no other benefits are applied.


I was a blue customer, beta tester and fairly happy with both. obviously I didn’t want to pay 0.65% to use Amex, but 0.65 p for 1.5 avios plus getting closer to my voucher plus rewards points (I’m on old reward scheme) was ok. I signed up to metal on the free trial (as I understood it) for 4 months, so I’d pay for one month at the beginning and one at the end of the 6 month min. I was interested to have a metal card and to see if I’d really value the fee free Amex use. not at all interested in the insurance and lounge access etc. now my main reason for taking out metal is gone. I’d be ok to lose the £15 I’ve paid, keep the vanity card to use (which is really worth nothing but an interesting curiosity) and go back to my old blue terms (including being able to spend my rewards points again). given that the rug has been pulled, this seems fair to me.


Yep - I do totally understand your viewpoint, but then equally why should ‘you’ (not just you personally, tens or hundreds of customers I’m guessing!) have a metal card for no ongoing fee?

You may have paid the say £15 for it (month 1 sub) - where’s the option for me to pay my £15 for it?

But, if I was you, I’d also be raging if they tried to say the subscription stands, because that’s clearly not fair either.

I imagine Curve are badgering AMEX to do whatever they can to bring the support back - on such an emotive subject as charging and fairness, it’s going to be a disaster for them if the final outcome is anything other than AMEX being restored!


Huge support coming from me - carry on the fight, guys!


Amex - “Based on the results, we communicated to Curve that we would not participate in the further roll out of Curve because of concerns related to the overall American Express Card Member experience.”

Sorry, but this just sounds like Curve knew this was coming, and they pushed out the public update to get people hooked before it happened. Hence updating the public app just after the beta 3 wave.

Sorry, but I love the idea behind Curve… However if this is true, Curve have lost all of my respect.