Additional cashback retailers?

Yes, it does for me!

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Today the merchants you can pick for Curve Cash is specifically centered around the UK, and the number of merchants you can pick that are available in other EEA/EU counties are quite limited.

My idea would therefore be to define the list of eligible Curve Cash merchants available for selection country specific, so that the available list would be dependent on the country of residence of the card holder.

With this the cardholder could select merchants that are actually available in their country.

An example of this would be Norway, where non of the groceries stores on the current list operate, for cardholder residing in Norway the list would instead consist of groceries merchants that operate in Norway.

This will make the subscription cards Black and Metal more appealing to non-UK residents.

I’ve seen many merchants from different countries. I am pretty sure “Mercadona” is not operating in UK, and you can pick it up for your Curve cash.

On the other hand, what happens with a merchant present in more than one country? if you choose UK as your country but one day buy for example at Tesco Ireland … will you not get the reward?

I don’t see this, honestly. Adding more options from different countries, yes, absolutely. Limiting the options to one country? not at all.

And that’s why the brits will never experience the glory of Hacendado :wink:

But seriously, you can just suggest the retailers you’d like to have available in Curve and they will consider adding them. They seem to be monitoring this post: Additional cashback retailers?

To add to the non U.K. list of retailers;

ICA (supermarket) here in Sweden.

Please add PayPal als Merchant. Then everytime I pay something, somewhere, im getting cashback :slight_smile:


+1. I would pretty much ditch my Amex card if they offered this.