Ability to turn off card features


It will be great if in the app one has the ability to turn on/off:

  • Online transactions
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Abroad payments (if you are at home and want to prevent fraud from abroad)

Also, ability to set specific daily/transaction limits.

This will add one more flexible layer on the security, and not only lock the entire card.

What you think @Curve_Marie

More protection options in the app

Clever suggestion @vebaev!


Yes, this has proved to be a value feature within mobile banking and increasingly within the legacy bank apps. Good call.


It will be great for the protection if in the app there are options for:

  • Turn on/off transactions abroad (only domestic allowed)
  • Turn on/off ATM withdrawals
  • Set a specific limit for a single transaction
  • Turn on/off magstripe


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