Ability to toggle refunded transactions

As Curve is mainly used to make card grouping easier and normally would have a much higher amount of spending on it than other cards, the feed can easily get cluttered by refunded or unclaimed transactions, especially with merchants like Amazon and Uber and their £1 “active card checks”

It would be great if Curve could allow us to toggle refunded (or reversed) transactions so they wouldn’t show in the feed.

I’m sure there are other uses for this feature, like if hiding is implemented normal transactions could also be hidden, allowing users to perhaps hide a transaction when wanting to be discreet with their purchases (such as engagement rings or other gifts)


I’m actually more for seeing these transactions. If something is refunded or returned, it replaces it with a 0 on the app. I’d rather it state refunded and maybe pop to the top. For instance if I purchased something a few weeks ago and returned it, I cannot ascertain the status of the refund without having to scroll down for ages to find that transaction. Maybe as the refund was newer it should be brought to the top / to the date of the refund.

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