Curve Credit Buffer ( 2 ) (27)
Ability to order cards in the app (5)
Virtual cards support (16)
Switching to curve rewards card and back (1)
Bluetooth tracking....pie in the sky? (17)
Support queue disclosure (6)
Piggy Bank Feature (13)
Conversion rate on emailed receipts (1)
Apple Watch support (8)
Chat option or call centre please (2)
Curve limits not shown as decline reason in app (3)
The possibility to add gym Card, loyalty cards etc in Curve (6)
New Feature - Split Payment option? (4)
Display current card balance (4)
Add the ability to display card details (card no., expire date, CCV, etc.) in the app ( 2 ) (30)
Garmin Pay (3)
Driving licenses (7)
Flexible benefits package for new metal card (4)
Mega Rewards (1)
Curve 15k£ fx free limit (5)
Custom Date Range “Month” (1)
Support for Swiss Credit Cards (3)
Hamburger Menu! (4)
Itemised receipt searching (4)
Hype as Underlying Card (Italy Prepaid Card) (3)
Curve Referral (2)
Conversation link in Curve (7)
Feature for a Joint Curve account (16)
Avoid week-end fees + Add '"joker" currency option (5)
City and Country in the Transaction Details (3)